Price List

Baby blankets

Hand crocheted baby blanket


Blanket is 30" x 30", made of soft, bulky yarn to keep baby cozy and warm. Washing instructions are included.

Hand Crocheted baby blanket


Soft, warm, beautifully colored baby blankets. 29" x 29". Color and size can be made to order.

Beauty and Hygiene

100% cotton washcloths


100% cotton, 6" diameter washcloth. A variety of made-to-order colors available. Practical, yet attractive. Just throw in washer and dryer. Nice for yourself or as a gift. Would be a great addition to a gift basket.

Apothecary jar with facial scrubbies


Glass apothecary jar holds four 3" scrubbies, hand-crocheted with 100% cotton yarn. Jar is embellished with ribbon and a charm. Would be lovely on a bathroom sink, cabinet, or bedroom.

Hand-crocheted bags

Market or beach bags


Market or beach bags made of 100% cotton. Bags can be thrown into the washer, come in an assortment if colors, and are as attractive as useful.     

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